The Power of Positive Destruction

Seth Merrin shares how to cultivate a company capable of creating the change you want to see in the world in his book The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea into a <Revolution>.


The Power of Positive Destruction

Seth Merrin shares how to cultivate a company capable of creating the change you want to see in the world in his book The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea into a <Revolution>.

In his first job, a summer stint in con­struction, Seth Merrin was tearing apart Wall Street. He then spent the next 30-plus years reconstructing it from the inside out.

As an intern on Wall Street in the early 1980s, Merrin had a unique view of how the financial epicenter operated—and saw a way he could change it for the better. At just twenty-four years old, he founded his first startup and shook up buy-side trading by inventing electronic order-management software, some form of which is used by just about every asset manager around the world. His fourth startup, Liquidnet Holdings, offers a pio­neering way for institutional investors to trade large blocks of stock amongst themselves in 44 markets around the globe. In The Power of Positive Destruc­tion, the entrepreneur, global business leader, and philanthropist shares how he’s broken down the status quo and reinvented it for both profit and the common good.

In a deeply personal first-person narra­tive, Merrin reveals not only his triumphs but his missteps as he created his mas­terpiece businesses. Along the way, he takes time out to explain the strategies and actions he took to unearth the ineffi­ciencies of everyday business and create a model that gives his company an unfair competitive advantage.

If you currently face problems in the industry you work in, you’re already half­way to becoming a catalyst of change. Now, this inspiring roadmap can take you the rest of the way from planning and development to creating a progressive corporate culture hardwired for innova­tion and constant change. The Power of Positive Destruction goes beyond the nuts and bolts of creating a business and provides previously unpublished advice on such skills as:

  • Building credibility circles to launch new businesses
  • Selling your service in 30 seconds or less
  • Negotiating a whole new way

Cultivate the company capable of creating the change you want to see in the world with the Power Of Positive Destruction.

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  • …Everyone is born inherently capable—what we lack is equal opportunity. Seth Merrin, through his companies and through his philanthropic endeavors, has increased access to opportunity. The Power of Positive Destruction shows you how you can level the playing field—and make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.

    — Pierre Omidyar, philanthropist and founder, eBay
  • Seth Merrin disrupted our equity business and at the time it did not feel very “positive.” He turned the trading model upside down by better understanding the customer’s needs and created enormous benefits for clients and investors. His work forced us to revisit our model, re-invest heavily, and embrace the future. Everyone is better off, except those who ignore change. Seth has built a remarkable business from scratch and now, with The Power of Positive Destruction, is providing a roadmap for others to follow.

    Rich Handler, CEO Leucadia/Jefferies
  • The Power Of Positive Destruction is The Innovator’s Dilemma meets Wall Street. It’s a wonderful walk through the history of Wall Street technology transformation crossed with the visionary insight of Seth Merrin, a true technology innovator and disruptor. Seth’s advice on seizing opportunity, risk taking, planning, and execution transforms finance and is applicable to any current, or would be, entrepreneur.

    — Larry Tabb, founder and CEO, TABB Group
  • Looking for an investment with a great return? You found it with this book. Seth Merrin shows you how to create a high-success strategy, sell your game-changing product or service, and negotiate the deal you want. The Power of Positive Destruction will help you build a company with a culture that generates profits and makes the world a better place.

    — Michael Price, founder MFP Investors
  • The Power Of Positive Destruction is an amazing book ... Merrin has created a valuable handbook for people building a company, and designing a life.

    — Tom Groenfeldt, Forbes

Seth Merrin

SETH MERRIN is founder and CEO of Liquidnet, a global financial services company dedicated to leveraging tech­nology to make markets more efficient, driving investment performance, and enabling the efficient flow of investable assets around the world.

Photograph by  Erica Beckman

Photograph by Erica Beckman

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